At Spa Bleu, we guarantee that everything is clean and sanitized for you. We NEVER reuse the wax in our treatment!

The wax we use are Rose Wax and Honey Wax.

The wax contains zinc oxide, useful for its purifying and antiseptic properties. It is suitable for all kinds of skin and all types of hair – frequently use on sensitive skin or skin with acne or eczema.

  •  A minimum hair growth of 1/4 inch is required for all wax treatments.
  • Tip for reducing pain: take an over-the-counter pain reliever, such as ibuprofen, about 45 minutes before your appointment.
  • The treatment cost can increase 5 to 10$, if more wax than usual is needed for the treatment

Lips $10
Chin $15
Eyebrows $15
Face waxing
Underarms $20
Half arms $28
Full arms $45
Half legs $40
Full legs $65
Chest $20
Stomach $35
Back $55
Bikini (Female Only) $35
Brazilian (Female Only) $55


We suggest arriving 5 minutes prior to your appointment, . In consideration of the next client, your appointment will end at the scheduled time if you arrived late.


In order to provide a relaxing and quiet environment please kindly turn off your cell phone.