Massage & Body Treatment


Relaxation Massage 

Smooth, gentle, flowing style that promotes general relaxation, relieves muscular tension, plus improves circulation and range of movement.


60min    $70

90min    $100


Aromatherapy Massage

The perfect combination of spa, aromatherapy and oil massage can help improve circulation, relieve headache, reduce inflammation and pain, relax the mind and body, enhance mental health, reduce anxiety and nourish the skin.

SpaBleu will customize individual aromatic essential oils for each guest.

60min    $85
90min  $120

Deep Tissue Massage

Relieves chronic patterns of tension, stresses & strains.

We use Asian massage techniques and slow deliberate strokes that focus pressure on layers of muscles and other tissues deep under the skin, leaving you feel deeply relaxed & re-charged.

60 min     $90

90 min     $125

Himalayan Salt Therapy

Himalayan Salt is the purest salt in the world. During the massage, therapists use warmed Himalayan salt stones to apply pressure. With gentle massage of the pure plant essential oils, the mighty power of Himalayan Salt will help remove negative energy and toxins, and achieve complete relaxation of the body, mind and spirit.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt

Heated Himalayan rock salt has great benefits for human body. It helps improve blood circulation. Heated rock salt will release natural negative ions. The natural negative ions flown into the nose, mouth, throat, and bronchi will dehydrate bacterial cells, and therefore help kill bacteria, treat inflammation and improve respiratory health. Warmed Himalayan salt stones can also help soften hard skin, clean skin impurities, remove excess oil and dead skin cells, and boost skin’s metabolism.

60min  $100

90min  $135


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The Lymphatic System is the largest detoxification organ. Lymphatic drainage massage helps encourage the movement of lymph fluids around the body, removes waste and toxins from body tissues, boosts the immune system, opens the meridians, regulates the endocrine system, improves metabolism and maintains healthy skin.

Why do we need Lymphatic Drainage Massage?
Full-body lymphatic drainage detoxification is a massage technique following the channels of the body’s meridians system and lymphatic system, and through gentle massage helping lymph circulation and metabolism. The Lymphatic system is the largest defense and detoxification system in the body, it collects a lot of macromolecules, bacteria, viruses and cancer cells that the body cannot absorb. When our body is at rest, the flow of lymph fluid is slow and the toxins in the body cannot be easily removed. Over time with a sedentary lifestyle, our body is prone to various skin problems and physical health problems. Lymphatic massage improves the flow of lymph fluid and therefore helps these problems.

90 min     $120

Back, Neck, Spine, and Head Massage Therapy

Through professional massage technique, this therapy focuses on relaxing the back, neck, spine and head.

The specialized massage helps unblock the Du Meridian, increase brain blood flow, relieve headache, dizziness and insomnia, unblock Qi and blood, and boost the immune system.

It also helps correct scoliosis, unblock bladder meridian to detox the body, improve stiffness and remove blockages, reduce body tension and excess heat, keep the spine healthy and maintain a youthful back.

60 min    80$

Gua Sha Massage Therapy

Gua Sha Massage Therapy relaxes your body through a professional massage technique which involves scraping the skin with a massage tool. It helps circulate Qi (life force) and blood, releases sweat, relaxes tendons, and regulates spleen and stomach. The Shu points of the five internal organs of the human body are all distributed on the back. Gua Sha scraping will improve blood flow, and the filthy qi of the viscera can be released out of the body through scraping.

From a modern medicine perspective, this therapy helps strengthen the body’s immune system through improving nerve ending conduction, and improves the circulatory system through speeding up the body’s blood circulation and boosting metabolism. Gua Sha has also been shown effective as a therapy for fever and pain relief.

After Gua Sha Therapy:
Drink warm water. Do not eat or take a shower until at least 1/2 - 1 hour after the Gua Sha treatment. Gua Sha will open the pores on the skin and help boost the skin’s immune system. If the skin is exposed to wind, cold air or water immediately after the treatment, the pores will shrink and the skin’s immune system could be compromised.

60 min    100$

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Spa Bleu’s Hot Stone Therapy effectively combines aromatherapy massage with hot stones. The rocks/stones come from deep within the earth, their healing energies will help targeted area as well as energy flow throughout the body. The heat from the hot stones transfers into the body, and through reflective acupoints helps to relax muscles and joints. The heat allows an enhanced manipulation of the underlying tissues compared to a regular massage. Combined with aromatic essential oil and specialized massage technique, Spa Bleu’s Hot Stone Therapy helps reduce fatigue, calm the nervous system and boost energy.

Benefits of Volcanic Rock:

Since ancient times, volcanic stones have been regarded highly for their healing power from Nature. Native Hawaiians put hot volcanic stones on their body to help the body heal. Pregnant women in ancient Spain knew how to use hot stones to ease labor pains.


60 min    95$

90 min    130$

Thai Massage

Thai massage is an unique massage experience that will facilitate deep relaxation, while wiping away your daily stresses.
This massage is oil-free, your treatment is enjoyed comfortable in loose clothing that we provide for you here.
 Available Saturday and Sunday by appointment
75 min     $100

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  • We suggest arriving 15 minutes prior to your appointment, first time clients will need to fill out the client form before your treatment. In consideration of the next client, your appointment will end at the scheduled time if you arrived late.
  • If you want to cancel your appointment please inform us as quickly as possible so your slot can be filled by another client.


  • For any massage, we offer a 30 minutes mini-facial for 40$.
  • For Himalayan Stone massage and Hot Stone massage, the customer can choose between relaxing or deep tissue intensity.


  • In order to provide a relaxing and quiet environment please kindly turn off your cell phone.