Floating Therapy (Sensory Deprivation Therapy)

What is Floating

Float tanks are filled 10-12 inches of water, 1100 lbs of Epsom salt are then added to the water. The salt raises the density of the water which allows you to float effortlessly on top of the water for 90 minutes, with zero pressure on your body. The temperature, light and sound can also be controlled, this enables your mind and body to completely relax and heal. Our tanks are state of the art and are also equipped with music and lighting for those that just want to escape the day to day and disconnect.


Benefits to Float Therapy

Floating, or float therapy is known to offer many benefits. Studies have shown that deep relaxation in combination with magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) help calm your nervous system and enhance your body ‘s natural ability to heal

  • Stress Reduction
  • Alleviate everyday muscle and joints pains
  • Post work out athletic recovery
  • Reduction of chronic pain symptoms
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Headache relief
  • Relief pressure point pains on the body
  • Increase energy level
  • Anxiety relief
  • Improved mental focus and concentration
  • Jet lag recovery
  • Elevated mood and sense of well-being

Floating at Spa Bleü

Our highly popular sound proof tank is filled with skin temperature salt water where you experience the sensation of weightlessness and float into a deep meditative state in this sensory neutral environment. During 90 minutes float session you will not only relax and de-stress you will enjoy the many health benefits associated with sensory deprivation and epsom salt including: pain management, stress reduction, insomnia relief, increased circulation and immune function, decreased blood pressure and heart rate, decreased cortisol levels and increased dopamine levels.





Single Float:  

60 min - $55

90 min - $65

Couple Floats: 

$120 for Two 90 min Float ($60 per Float)

Four Floats Package: 

$195 for Four 90 min Floats ($48.75 per Float)

*All packages can be shared with family and friends.


$50/ month


  • We suggest arriving 15 minutes prior to your appointment, first time floaters will need to fill out the client form before your float. In consideration of the next client, your float will end at the scheduled time if you arrived late.
  • If you want to cancel your appointment please inform us as quickly as possible so your slot can be filled by another client.

Requirements for Floating

  • Remove makeup before floating
  • Shower and shampoo (no conditioner) before floating
  • Customers with temporary hair dye are not permitted to float
  • Float Naked  (to avoid any leaching of laundry detergents)and it feels way better

Recommendations for Floating

  • Please use washroom before floating
  • Remove contact lens
  • Avoid caffeine and heavy food 1.5 hours prior to floating
  • Avoid waxing & shaving before the date of float (to avoid irritation)
  • Insert ear plugs
  • Customers  with freshly dyed hair and tanning should book their float sessions 2 days after to avoid color fading


In order to provide a relaxing and quiet environment please kindly turn off your cell phone.

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